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Resolution for 2022: Address Data Quality Problems, Not Symptoms

I recently had the opportunity to discuss data quality issues with a colleague who’s going through a difficult time because of a conversion to a new database platform to support a sales function. His organization is spending a significant amount of time in a labor intensive process to clean up customer and prospect data prior to the final conversion. While there are a number of programmatic and manual steps they've taken, the data still isn't of high enough quality for sales purposes.

If this sounds like you, download our white paper on how to address dealing with the sources of low quality data instead of the symptoms.

Download our data quality white paper.

Data Quality

Are you frustrated by the quality of your data? Everyone's talking about 'Big Data' and the insight that can be gained from analyses of the data? But, when you try to get some intelligence out of your databases it always seems like the answers make no sense.

With over thirty years of experience behind us, we are experts at addressing data quality issues. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Download our data quality white paper.

RFP Development

Are you considering implementing a new system or replacing an old one? Have you developed the detailed requirements necessary to contact suppliers and ask for bids? Do you even know what your supplier options are?

Let us help you. We can gather functional and non-functional system requirements and develop a detailed custom RFP to meet your needs. Acting as an independent expert, we can then assist you in the evaluation process to ensure that the solution is what you expect it to be.

Process Improvements

Is your organization as productive and efficient as it could be? Were you expecting significant improvements from implementing a new system that never materialized? Maybe it's not your new system or your people...maybe it's your processes.

Implementing a system change without first looking at your business processes is a recipe for disappointment. You want your business processes to be as effective as possible so that your new technology becomes an enabler for more new opportunities. Let us help.